Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thrifty Headboard

So for a while now hubby and I have been bothered by a big empty blue wall space behind our bed.  Recently, I set myself to solving this sore spot for the eyes and came up with the idea for a headboard.  I searched online and found several examples of headboards and several tutorials on making them yourself.  I wanted it to be cheap, but sturdy.  So I bought some foam (the most expensive part of the project, however, I've since found a cheaper way of getting the foam), found a scrap piece of wood in our sign shop, bought some buttons and fabric from the clearance scrap bin that would match the wall color well.  I put them all together and here is the result:

Along with the quilt my mom gave me for my birthday last year, the pillow in front that I made recently from a thrift store t-shirt, and Raffi the Giraffe (upper left corner), I am quite pleased with the result. 

I've also added a curtain to the open doorway to the bathroom and a handmade photo display in the short wall between the open doorway and our bedroom door.  When the door is closed this space was a blank canvas.  However, when the door is open, it covers the space and makes it a dead corner of the room; bare and naked.  Below are photos of the whole space.

I still have a big open space above the headboard to deal with, but hubby is planning to paint big navy and light blue leaves to match our normal bedspread behind the headboard, filling the whole wall.  I think this will fill it in perfectly.  Then the next task will be tackling the horrid closet doors that we never use.  They are always open and sticking out into the room.  Taking them off will open the left side of the bed nicely.  We are thinking of putting another curtain matching the one going to the bathroom.  Then this half of the room will be perfect and complete.

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