Friday, May 31, 2013


The Bathroom Shelves

After redecorating our bathroom, the new shelves that we installed, were decorated lightly.  Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them left them only housing what I had on hand to keep them from looking empty and unused.  The shelves in the washroom holds all the items the bathroom needs, so it had to need to be too functional.  The shower room gets too moist for artwork of most types, so I had to be patient and choosy. 

The other day I was researching ideas for the fascination I have with Glamping, whether it's for the costumed war events I sometimes get to attend, or for my own backyard.  I happened upon this little gem and immediately had a few ideas.

For War, sometimes at merchants they sell small handmade clay vessels, mostly assuming you'll use them for drinking alcohol.  So any war I attend that sells them, I will buy one or two to add to a collection, that will travel with me when I go camping at war.  Part of the glamping ideal.  Luxury amidst the rough & toughness of camping.

As for the bathroom, it gave me the idea I needed to finish off the decorating.  Shells with succulents would work well.  The shells wouldn't allow leaks to damage the wood shelves & make messes, plus the moisture from showers taken will help water them and keep them from dying like all my house plants do because I forget to water them.

So here is the finished project:

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Laundry Room

It's Finished!

After a long & patient project, the laundry room is complete.  The original shelves, that ran the length of the wall, were taken out.  The shelf units were thrown out.  The washer & dryer were both masked & painted the new color.  The wall was painted "River Nile" Behr Paint.  Then it sat and wasn't touched for a while.  Granted that gave me plenty of time to look for inspirations & think about what needs had to be met while bringing in a unique & creative feeling to the space.  I was tired of cleaning my clothes where it felt messy and dirty.  Once I painted the walls & washing unit it felt a million times better. 

After a time, I found this lovely "Pin"spiration  and my mom-in-law happened to have an old bunk bed ladder.  So I put this lovely thing together and hung it with white chain.  Then I fell in love with the project.  I went hunting for more Pins and planned out the rest of the space in one sitting. 

A home for lost socks was incorporated while using up some old frames I had long ago saved, but had no clue what I was going to use them for.  They have a small pinstripe of gold and went well with the color theme already in place.  The baskets I was given at the beginning of last year when my brother-in-law passed away and was excited that they were the perfect match & size for the space.  Making a coin bin for loose change and other pocket items removed (hopefully) before the load is thrown in the wash, was very enjoyable.  Adding below it my basket of clothes pins and designing the Laundry saying added some of the final touches.  

I incorporated the image of the clothes pin into the saying so that it would help tie it in with my color scheme and Americana feel.
This shelf addition was great, but the paper towel rolls were just floating from one spot to another or getting stuffed into the one shelf, hoping it would stay.  So to make it look a bit more attractive, add a sense of organization & forethought, I removed the hooks in the center with a bolt cutter.  This was not an easy task and I had to take breaks working on other bits of this project in between.
The dowel I already had from a project long ago.  So I cut it to the size I wanted, painted it the same color as my washer/dryer & the ladder.  Then I sanded & wrapped the metal ends left from cutting them off.  I used electrical tape as it is stretchy and allowed for seamlessly wrapping the sharp edges.  Then I inserted the dowel into my roll and hung it on the remaining hooks.  To good effect too.  It added some medium brown to the only black piece in the design for a finished look.

This is the finished look.  It is so clean and inviting now.  It makes me want to do my laundry right now.  The best thing was painting the washer/dryer and the sink unit.  I am so in love with spray can paint for projects around the house.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Garden Monday

Our out of season Broccoli kicking butt and taking names.  I hope it grows big and flowers for us to eat.

Cool as a Cucumber!  She helps make sure there is plenty of spacing in between plants, whether that is where mommy wants the spaces to be or not.  Aren't I cute??

Gourds sprouted.  Now to just wait for them to grow and vine onto the trellis.  I'm hoping to make a canopy between the trellis and the fence too for some added shade.

 The G-Flat - Landscaping at it's finest


Saturday, May 11, 2013


Gifted Fabric PJ Pants

 A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine gifted me some fabric.  Most of it was youth prints for possibly making quilts and things, which is one of the things I love to do most.  One of the fabrics however screamed, "Wear ME!".  So that is what I am doing.  My PJ pants collection has been getting quite a bit of use from this past winter season and is running a little bit ragged.  So my first thought was to replicate my favorite, most comfortable pair.  I've also seen pins for making them and have always wanted to make my own.

This is the pin:

Pinterest Pinned PJ Pants Tutorial.  The legs are a little long and it isn't flannel, but that is all changeable and maybe at some time I'll find a cute cotton fabric for sleepwear that I'll have to make these from.  Someday.

This is the handmade result:

 The cuffs at the bottom came out so well and I only had to rip a seam once on my first pant leg and it was only necessary because I started getting ahead of myself.  The next time I will make the waist sit a little higher.  The leg length came out just right and that is something I've struggled with, arm & leg length.  So yay me!  Anyhow, the crotch needs a slight alteration the next time I make it too; butt area a little bigger & front a little shorter to prevent the pucker.  But I love the fabric!!!!  Thank you Sarah!  Oh and if anyone likes them and wants a pair, I'll make them for a small fee, fabric cost plus $10.00.  Message me on Facebook if you'd like to commission a pair.

The best part about these pants, besides the wonderful fabric?  The Firetail Design label!  I still need to get a stamp for the name, but the dragonfly logo is perfect.  I made the tags myself midyear last year and I'm getting good at remembering to install them into things I make.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  Until next time, happy "Pin"ning.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Box Cat!

She thinks she is helping, but she's not....

This was from a couple months ago.
This is where I found her this morning.  After bringing home the garden plants, kitty had to inspect the box and test it with a good long morning nap.

Garden Monday

Summer crop, purchased & planted (mostly)!


Yellow Pear, tomato plant, has been planted in the Country Garden below, along with the Red Zebra & Cherokee Purple, also tomato plants.  I will be planting pole bean seeds soon for the green bean crop, some here in the Country Garden and some in the Hillside Garden. We plan on trying Watermelon & Pumpkin this year also, so we shall see. Another Yellow Pear, a Red Cherry, a Green Zebra, along with Green Onions, Basil, Boxwood Basil, Chives, & Sweet Banana Peppers.  We will plant some Gourds & Sunflowers also.  Photos to come as they are planted and start growing.


My Easter Lilies have finally decided to grace us with some blooms.  I do believe they are a little late this year, what do you think?  Never the less, they will be beautiful and I can't wait for them to bloom so I can photograph them for you.


This is from a week ago. These lovelies (4) are almost ready to fly from the nest.  This is from the preserve behind our house and the nest near the house has 3 babies.  This morning I checked on them and they are out of the nest & mom has laid another egg.  I love spring and all the wonderful things growing.


God gave us some rain today to water the new plants and all of our existing ones too.  Thank you Lord for the rain!


This lovely flower is so small and the plant it is on was hanging in the front of the house until winter.  The frost did a number on it's leaves and I've moved it to the back so when the heat of summer hits us, it is in more constant shade and can recover.  It was able to hang in there with four branches left over after the frost and it even gave us this little beauty of a bloom.


The roses in front of the house are in full bloom.  They have enjoyed the rain as well and I have enjoyed its blooms.