Friday, December 27, 2013

I'm Back!!!

My most humble apologies for the lack of activity since August! Really?  August? Yeah, it's been that long.  Too long, much, much too long.  Well it's time to kick this thing back into gear.  Maybe not high gear, but we can get the ball rolling, right?

To start with here's recap, Summer was a whirlwind of activity, which should have meant a lot of posting, hmm.

I attended a "walk about" for the Steampunk community.

Then there was Summer Feast with my Corthan SCA friends.

My birthday was in there somewhere.

Then, in the beginning of Fall, I designed and sewed a family costume set with a good friend of mine, Nichol Richardson.  What an amazing time that was.  Maybe I'll recap it in it's own post, sometime in the future.  We hope to have a nice photography session to capture what I think is the natural beauty of this family in all their humorous and quirky glory.  They made me smile this fall and for that I'm eternally grateful!

After a big sigh of completion immediately following Halloween, then the Winter crop had to go in in the garden and it is doing splendidly.  We've already enjoyed some broccoli, basil, rosemary, lettuce & soon we will be enjoying snap peas, CARROTS (my favorite garden veggie), artichokes (maybe), and more broccoli.

Winter festivities also started.

Sewing for the San Diego Costume Guild's Christmas Dinner.

Christmas designing & decorating at my church.  The 16' lobby tree got a makeover this year.  A big shout out, thank you, to all of our decorating geniuses, who helped us put out all the decorations!!!

A trip to Disneyland with my Mom!!!  This was such a wonderful adventure.  We went, along with a few friends, to enjoy the original park.  This is the first of hopefully a year long set of trips.  There will be more photos to come in future posts to document our adventures.


And finally, a blast wave of youth clothing, right before Christmas.  Hemming pants, baby skirts, a hoodie scarf with bear ears, and much more to come.  I'm gearing my sewing time towards making money this year.  I'm hoping to support my year pass to Disneyland habit and maybe help with our personal finances.  So far it's been amazing to be blessed by the orders I've received.  I'll keep you posted about the progress and the best of the projects in the months to come.


Thanks for taking this end of year, all in one post, tour with me!  See you again soon!

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