Saturday, June 21, 2014

We could use your help!

We've been working on our yard for the past two years now.  The planting has all been done and most of the yard is looking established & healthy.  We are still working on a few areas as new ideas come along.

Last week, my Mom tried to show me a 2 liter soda bottle, hanging planter wall.  It was right as we were exiting the freeway and you could look down into folks' yards.  Unfortunately I was driving and couldn't really look at it.  I promised to check it out the next time I drove by the area and this week I did.

The wall I saw looked quite nice and since I've seen things like this before on Pinterest, I went to search through my boards.

Click here to see my inspirations for the garden ----->>

Here are a few things we've done & are planning to do....

We are working on completing this project.  This is the inspiration photo for a cinder block planter.  We have the block filled with soil in place & it is just awaiting the plants to go in it.
Along the top of the fence (that you will see below), we put a small wire fencing that can be bought at your local hardware store usually.  It typically comes in 6-8-12 foot segments.  We used a staple gun to attach it to the fence top.  We intend our blackberry vines to work there way along it over the next few years.
Lighting!  We've installed a few battery operated hanging sconces like this, along with the strands of bulb lights in the patio area, hanging from our big ash tree.  They look so wonderful at night.

This is something we plan to do soon too.  While pulling out our inspirations from previous projects & this current one, this one flashed by and we added it to the project list.  This should add a nice touch on either side of the gate.

This is a project we've done.  Having quickly become tired of a messy hose on the ground in our tight walkway, we installed on the stucco siding of our house, an old metal bucket to use as a hose hanger. 
This is also part of our most recent project.  To get our blackberry vines up the fence to the wire fencing attached on top, we will be using some trashed bike tires, minus the rubber, as trellis.
And for the main project, 2 Liter Bottles "Living Wall".  We need your help acquiring enough of these bad boys to cover and entire fence & possibly the side of the storage barn.

 Here's how to help.  Let us know on Facebook, via messaging or as a comment on the blog link post for this article.  Even if you only have a few, we would love to get them from you.  We can come to you, unless you are really far away from East County, SD.

Thank you so much in advance for helping us make this project come to life.  And we promise that there will be photos of this completed area when it is all finished.

You can find all of the links for these photos on the Pinterest board linked here ---> .  Thank you!

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