Friday, December 19, 2014

A Costume Skate-About

Lady Mari put on a Christmas Walk-About and decided it should be at the new Ice Rink at Mission Valley Mall.  I hadn't been ice skating in a year or so and always love the thrill of it, so I determined that I would go.  My steampunk fairy costume from the 4th of July parade would easily be changed over for Christmas.  I made a quick gold skirt from a $2 thrift store curtain, instead of the blue one I usually wear with this outfit and added my Swedish winter hat.  Hubby and I purchased it on our pre-wedding trip 8 years ago and with our not so winter, winters, I've had few chances to wear it.

I had to do some repairs to my jet pack.  Hot glue doesn't hold, especially with metal parts.  So I whipped out the super glue and did some quick repairs, gave it a touch-up paint job, and re-fueled it for extra speed on the ice.
Photo courtesy of Daniel Fernandez, our new SD Costume Guild Leader!

 After getting two right footed skates at first, exchanging for a left footed skate and donning them, I headed out onto the ice.  I took a quick spill on my first go around, but it didn't take long to get my ice legs back.  Soon after, I braved pulling my camera out to take some action shots of our brave ice venturing guildies. 

Daniel Fernandez
Tony Quirk
Elsa & Olaf
Trudy D'Nalof
A Selfie for good measure!

 A special thank you to Trudy, who took me under her wing and has made me feel so welcome at every event, even my very first with the Costume Guild at the Pirate Exhibit back in February.  I'm so grateful for her encouragement and friendship!

 Some guildies didn't brave the ice, but they were fabulous spectators!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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