Sunday, June 2, 2013





I love date night!  I look forward, every week, to some set aside time with my hubby.  But sometimes we run out of ideas and it gets a little stagnant.  So I, of course, went to my favorite source of ideas, Pinterest. 

I've been researching outdoor camping ideas for when I go to War (SCA Events).  I've been working on a concept for my tent, keeping it on the cheapest end I can.  I don't get to go for a whole week long War too often so spending a lot of money on my tent isn't something I am willing to do.  So I've pinned a few tent ideas over the past year or so.  I also started looking into Glamping, which is a fad, craze, trend, thing right now.  Camping with a bit of glamor added to it.  So when I needed to mix up date night, I was inspired to make my own backyard tent.  It is more of a teepee style, but it worked great for us.

We enjoyed a leisurely dinner up on our deck that overlooks Lindo Lake.  It was right around sunset and was so peaceful.  After that we snuggled up in the tent for the night. 

We were going to go all out and spend the night, but realized we would be sharing the space with the bugs that come out in full force at night.  So we decided to have lunch together the next day, in the tent, instead.  Which went well and it made for some great memories.  The space was so romantic in the evening, with the twinkle lights, some nice music from my phone....

However, if we do this again, we will be making the tent up on the deck with it's own tent poles and a tarp underneath so we won't have to share the space with bugs again.  : )

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