Friday, May 31, 2013


The Bathroom Shelves

After redecorating our bathroom, the new shelves that we installed, were decorated lightly.  Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with them left them only housing what I had on hand to keep them from looking empty and unused.  The shelves in the washroom holds all the items the bathroom needs, so it had to need to be too functional.  The shower room gets too moist for artwork of most types, so I had to be patient and choosy. 

The other day I was researching ideas for the fascination I have with Glamping, whether it's for the costumed war events I sometimes get to attend, or for my own backyard.  I happened upon this little gem and immediately had a few ideas.

For War, sometimes at merchants they sell small handmade clay vessels, mostly assuming you'll use them for drinking alcohol.  So any war I attend that sells them, I will buy one or two to add to a collection, that will travel with me when I go camping at war.  Part of the glamping ideal.  Luxury amidst the rough & toughness of camping.

As for the bathroom, it gave me the idea I needed to finish off the decorating.  Shells with succulents would work well.  The shells wouldn't allow leaks to damage the wood shelves & make messes, plus the moisture from showers taken will help water them and keep them from dying like all my house plants do because I forget to water them.

So here is the finished project:

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