Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My 30 Garment Challenge

The very dominantly ambitious side of my nature wanted to make this a 30 DAY Challenge to add 30 new items to my wardrobe.  Then I started to think about what it would take to make one item per day.  Could I make enough items, that are simple enough, to make more than one in a day, so that other items could take more than one day?  As I'm sure you can tell, this led to me saying, "self, this is an absurd idea, get real..."

The outcome, after much thought & planning, is a 30 Garment Challenge.  The fashionista in me wants to keep the wardrobe fresh and full of fun options.  The pocket book however doesn't allow for the shopping and retail prices.  Even with thrift store shopping, adding clothes to one's wardrobe can be expensive.  That is why, this is also a challenge to empty out the fabrics that I have in my stores already, thereby spending no new money.  Killing two birds with one stone is always a great thing.

So now that the stash has been thrashed and the sewing room this weekend at random moments looked like we'd been searched.  You know, like in the movies, or your favorite cop show on tv, where the bad guy ransacks the target's apartment just before the cops arrive and it's a whirlwind mess.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not) there were plenty of fabric options & with additional items from my existing wardrobe needing alterations, I was able to put together 30 items.  30 items that can be sewn, from my existing fabric stores, quickly & with some ease.  I've also kept in mind that fall should be coming eventually and that I play in a band and I like to wear long sleeve shirts when I play.  It's important to look fashionable when playing a black & white bass guitar.

After putting the fabrics & patterns together, along with some from my Pinterest Refashion board
---> - I've put these sneak peak photos together for you.  I'm hoping this will help me stay motivated to finish these up before winter comes.

This first image is a two in one.  The top photo inspiration lead to deciding to make this pattern's dress.  Firstly I just intended to make a peplum shirt from the #2 fabrics.  Then the inspiration photo made it impossible to resist adding it to the list.

#3 will be plenty of easy fun! Just two hem lines to unite the rectangle at the shoulders. Using the natural factory edge of the fabric for the neck line & finishing the circle sides for each arm whole. Voila! A quick wrap to add a pop of color to a dark outfit.

These sweat pants have sat unworn in my closet for a year or more now.  They are cozy & the waist fits me just right, but they are high waters.  So I've decided to ruche them like in the tutorial detailed in the link on the photo.  Hopefully that will make them prettier to wear & as a by product, the bottom edges won't get soggy when I water the yard in my pajamas.

A light and breezy addition to my wardrobe in a neutral tone.  I'm hoping these fit well & are easy to put together.  If so, I'll be making more of this pattern.

For this pattern, I'm making the dress, but I'm doubling the layer.  The blue will go underneath and act as the color block where the cream is on the inspiration photo.  This should be a nice summer dress to add.

This next addition is the coat in the photo.  Sort of a 1950's throwback.  I might bind the edges in a burgundy red for pop.  Should be elegant and a nice use of this heavy fabric I've had in my stash for awhile now.

An existing garment redo.  This tank top is hard to wear because it's too tight in the middle. The plaid top is way over sized for me, but a great color combination. So I'm hoping to put them together to make something more wearable.

#9 is a dress project I've had half finished in my closet for about six months, maybe more.  So I've decided it's time to finish it up.

#10 The blue shirt at the top is unfortunately too tight for my comfort.  It is a nice blue and has lime green flecks through out the fabric, so I've decided to put panels in the side seams, as in the inspiration photos, out of a lime green dress fabric that a friend gave me recently.

This will be my go at a color block shirt.  The purple one has never looked good, too short, baggy, so I always look frumpy and I fidget when I wear it.  The grey shirt is my favorite for it's neck line, but it's plain and I'd like to jazz it up a bit.  The two should go well together.

This shirt is going to have it's sleeves split to put buttons or beads in, just as the striped shirt in the  inspiration photo.  The floral print shirt has always been tight in the sleeves for my liking, so this should be a neat fix.

This will make for a fun pop of color and a sense of office style.  I'll put in a leather band after making this old thrift store jacket into a chunky infinity scarf.

#14 A four seam caftan dress, which I intend to make from the blue & magenta floral print where the number 17 is.  #15 is the magenta heavy weight solid material that I hope to make into a pencil skirt with a tutorial pin from Pinterest as shown in the hand drawing. #17 will be a shirt like the pink one on the pattern to go with #15.  #16 is the white shimmer fabric that is heavy weight. I'm making with the free JoAnns Fabric pattern, which is also like the inspiration photo.  #18 will be another shirt like the pink on, made out of the orange, brown & pink floral silky fabric.  Should be a fun set to make.

#19 I'm taking one of my "nailed it" Pinterest attempts (the grey shirt on the bottom of the pile) and redoing it to match the black shirt.  The black shirt is my favorite fit & the orange will be added as sleeves like the inspiration photo above for a color pop.

Two quick & easy scarves to add multiple items quickly.  It's a speed challenge as well as a quantity challenge, you now.

I think I've become very excited about this addition.  Should be one, maybe two seams and it will be super cute for fall wear.

A simple tunic, in cream linen, given to me by my cousin Candiece, with a teal binding for contrast.

Adding lace to the bottom edge and on the sleeves to give this boring grey over shirt a bit of character.

The rest are simple fabrics made into simple garments.  The patterns are mostly chosen. #25 will be the left hand, sleeveless version. #26 is the skirt in the image, however this perfectly blue colored fabric is really purple, but man the photo makes it look like it matches.  #27 is a quick over, for anytime I want to add grey/black to an outfit. #28 will most likely be made with #29's pattern, third shirt down. #29 will be the fourth shirt down on it's pattern & #30 will be two color in the black shirt's pattern. 

So wish me a good time sewing, hopefully I won't go out of my mind getting all of this done. : )

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