Monday, August 25, 2014

Under Way

There is only so much time in a day, a week, a month and each year as we grow older & older, the perspective we have on time changes as we age.  We seem to advance from one state of mind to another.  When I was a teenager I could only think in advance about a year or two in time and even that is stretching it.  Each month was so long and the things I wanted always seemed so far away. Now I feel I have a better grasp on time, thinking 5 & 10 years ahead of time.  It might have helped that I'm a little past a decade out of those impatient teenage years.  I'm still impatient sure, but there is more and more balance to everything I do. 

With more of this there can only be less of that, and the balance is always fluctuating.  Change is a constant & we have to learn to go with the flow, plan the best we can and try to be content & grateful for all the big & small wonders that this world holds. 

My friends, all I can say is that I've learned I have to enjoy those around me.  Really connect with them.  Learn about them, love them however I can in the balance of things and store up all those moments that strike you as wonderful.

This week is the second that I've been working on the 30 Garment Challenge, found here   ----->>>  - where I am trying to make some new clothes for summer, fall, etc.  I'm trying to use up fabrics that I have already to make some patterns that are new and others that I've been meaning to make.  The first two on the list are almost complete!

To start, I commenced making a peplum shirt (project #2) with the cute cat, mouse, bird print.  There were two fat quarters that I got from my local quilt fabric store, Rosie's. The green & blue fabrics were remnants from other projects, left in the stash graveyard to hopefully be used later on.  The grey was a recent gift from a friend who cleaned out her stash.  So there is a lot of good stash burning going on with this particular piece.

The first bit of progress was exciting to see the top half come together.  My ability to line up seams the first time has improved.  I tried to make a blue collar for the shirt and the fabric shrunk with ironing.  I want to be able to iron the collar after a washing, so that wouldn't do.  Then I decided the grey to match the peplum would be best, instead of trying to introduce a whole new fabric.

 The collar came together okay.  First attempt with this pattern, which is always tricky.  The point aren't quite even, but once the button was sewn on, it didn't show all that much.  The button was a fun suggestion by my cousin Candiece.  She suggested a brooch and this was the best I could find for my taste.  There was a green button option that I almost chose, but I thought this one brought out more colors all at once.  It's all in the details.

I loved the pattern so much and it came together so well.  The dress pattern was very much the same pattern and I kept the same sleeves as the shirt, instead of longer sleeve caps.  I also added two extra panels to the front & A POCKET!!!!!  It's my first time remembering to install one before sewing everything together.  I think that when I make this pattern again for my Dapper Day @ Disneyland dress, I will put two extra panels in the back too.  The skirt will be slightly longer for one layer, this length for another, then a lace black fabric over that for the third.  I'm excited for that addition to the garment calendar.  It's a 1950's style, and this pattern here with modifications, so it will be wearable for other events & maybe regular wear.  But anyway, isn't that white dress cute? 

All that is left for these two garments is their zippers.  They were purchased today so now I just have to get over my fear of installing zippers and we're good to go!  Pics of them worn in full street style soon to come!

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