Monday, March 18, 2013

Garden Monday

 There is so much to do in the garden these days, most of it is admiration of God's handy work.  There are so many unique plants and so many of them bloom in spring.  This is a wonderful time of year.  The weather is changing from cold all the time to foggy mornings, warm days and cool evenings.  Great weather for hikes, which we've been doing a lot around here.  Our pup Gypsy is so full of energy and almost expects a morning hike.  Fortunately we live up against a preserve and can just hike out our back yard.  She runs like a mad woman until she lumbers back panting and happy as a clam.  I mostly hike leisurely along, taking photos the whole way.  I hope you enjoy the pics of our trips and of the yard in bloom.  

Wildflowers blooming.  The sunlight makes them so vibrant and almost sparkly.
The whole hillside is just full of these bloom spikes that I'm sure will only last a short time before withering in the hot summer sun.
These flowers are super super tiny.  I almost walked right past this small area filled with these small gems.
I love these plants.  I'm sure they've always been out here, but I don't remember ever seeing them before.  They are all crimped and overlapping in a maze of green.
Such dainty details in the flowers out in the preserve.  These flowers are on a bushy weed that is growing up through the actual bushes. The buds are velvety soft and the result of their bloom is stunning.

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