Monday, March 25, 2013

Garden Monday

My super fantastic, master builder hubby has struck again!  Our yard is such a blessing and I'm constantly amazed at God's artistry.  Between the God's natural design, my hubby's hard work rocking & digging & building, and my finishing touches and upkeep, this yard rocks, literally.

New deck, rock wall, block wall gardening with an upcycled set of doors to trellis the cucumbers growing in the wall.  Potted tomato, bell pepper and strawberry plants with landscaping around the perimeter of the deck.
A new path to get to the blueberries so that they are easier to pick than they were with the weeds surrounding it like last year.

The upper garden space has a new layer of wood bark for their paths, giving the space a wonderful clean, uniform feeling.
Sweet snap pea pods, growing in the warm sun!  Almost ready for me to eat, yum!


Just an added beauty for today's post.  These small flowers are from a single spike from our Chocolate Soldiers succulents.  The spike has been growing for the whole of winter and is finally blooming after about 4-5 months since we first noticed it growing.  The whole thing is covered in soft fuzzy hairs. 

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