Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Purely Pinspirational!

 Untypical Pinspiration

Typically this post is for things created from inspiring Pins on Pinterest, but today the post is about a Pin that I'd love to make, but won't.  This post was one of my first Food Pins. Mini Eggs Benedict Canapes.  Made with quail eggs.

This morning on our hike to run the puppy tired, she flushed out a pair of quail.  At first I didn't bother to check it out, but I found the red flowers pictured below near the tree they came flying out of.  Upon closer inspection I realized that in the center of the mound of natural debris from the tree was a perfect little egg in the natural nest.  I wanted to bring it home and try this out, but with only one egg, the fact that it's wild, and me having my own supply of eggs from our hens, I left it be.  

I think we will periodically check on this little one to see if it has hatched and maybe there will be posts about it's progress.  Maybe....

Today's hike yielded these two beauties.  The top one is a wildflower I have never seen before today.  Small blooms on a rather large daisy like plant.  The other is a vine that produces flowers that look like morning glories.  Pretty!

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