Monday, April 15, 2013

Garden Monday

A Garden Tour


Yesterday I took a series of photos to see if I could create a long panorama image of our backyard.  This is the garden segment from the panorama.  I'm so proud of my 1st winter crop!  Our first size worthy carrots were harvested yesterday and added to our dinner for the evening along with more peas from the plants here and down in the "country" garden space below.  

The cucumbers, planted with the addition of the new deck that was showcased a few weeks ago, are growing well and are close to being double in size.  While double their sprout size is not much to be excited about, any small growth is very satisfying.  I'll be cataloging their growth and will hopefully showcase them in a month or so when we get our first harvest.

I'm about to need to decide on a recipe to start cooking our rainbow chard.  It is getting to be of generous size, begging to be harvested and sampled.  The 2nd crop of arugula is just now getting to a size worthy of harvesting could be added along with the eggs we have from the hens. 

Sadly our strawberry plantings have taken a beating with the recent heat, though mild, was just enough shock along with water loss from the masonry bricks, to render them lost.  We have some strawberries in pots and as hanging plants that are doing well and growing quickly. 

The 1st crop zucchini summer squash is growing well, sprouted with a first leaf growing speedily.  They are rather early season which is why I planted only 2 seeds.  Let one set grow and add a 2nd and possibly a 3 later in the spring, beginning of summer.

Lastly, our friendly local wildlife, the robin nests (2) that we are aware of were made, eggs laid and now chicks hatched.  Fluffy ball of feathers. I so hope these babes are able to make it and grow to join our local bird life. 

Happy gardening and I hope to see you again next week.  Thanks for stopping by!

The babies have arrived and are a ball of fluff all huddling for warmth while Mom is away.

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