Thursday, April 18, 2013


 The Hooded Cowl

 For a couple weeks now I've been knitting decently for the first time since I first learned as a little girl.  I didn't hold on to the art back then and had to re-learn.  I've been crocheting for the past four years and love the speed and ease of it.  But I've been wanting to make things with a bit more of delicate detail.  So I took a short hour long beginner class at the last SCA event I was able to attend.  I then started doing easy stitches over and over, row after row, not making anything really.  Then I tried a pattern from the back of a scane of yarn to make a lacey dishtowl.  It came out well and I learned 3 more stitches.  Finding out that the internet has videos for different stitches, I was able to see it being done which was a huge help.  Now I'm looking for simple patterns for nice things to wear that are quickly made.  I wanted some practice at my new found stitches before doing the project I really want to make.  In the meantime I've been searching for the perfect pattern to make what I have in mind.  That is how we come to these lovely photos for inspiration.  Also the two below are ones I found along the way that made me smile and laugh.  I hope to share with you what I've come up with for my hooded cowl when it is complete.  As always, happy pinning, crafting & making!

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