Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Garden Monday

Peas! & Thank yous!

Peas from the garden.  These were so so yummy. Crunchy and sweet!  Thank you Lord for these snap & snow peas.  We harvested enough for a side dish for our dinner.

It was a beautiful Monday in the garden, trimming back trees, harvesting peas, tending to weeds and overall, just enjoying the yard.  Being together in the yard is so wonderful.

Carrots, I want to eat you, but you grow too slowly for me.  Can you please grow faster?  Big and crunchy, with that wonderful earthy flavor I love to add to stews, eat fresh for snacks, please, pretty please.  Faster my friends!

This is the first iris of the season. I'm always so amazed by the colors, with a yellow tongue of pollen on three side.  I really like the water droplets on the petals.

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