Sunday, April 21, 2013


Thrift store treasure? Not quite!

Well, maybe you aren't a thrift store shopper, but many of you are.  My favorite way to add to my wardrobe is by poppin' tags from thrift store finds.  I normally don't like rap music, but a rap song about shopping at thrift stores instead of buying $50.00 t-shirts.  I like the song...especially the little boy in the middle of the song singing, "goodwill, poppin' tags, ha ha!" It's just so cute and exactly what I do.  Why pay so much money for designer when you can find similar things for pennies on the dollar in comparison?  Also, I can then be my own designer, like so....

My original topic, before the rap song tangent, is this shirt that I found a few weeks back at my favorite local Salvation Army.  I brought it home to alter it's size a bit to be a nice long sleeve dress shirt.  However, when I pulled it out of the bag upon returning home with my prizes, it was grease stained on the left shoulder at the collar and on the collar itself.  Bummer!  Well that just meant a little more time, thought and creativity would be needed to alter it to a nice shirt for the wardrobe.  The refashioned shirt is now comfortable and cool, ready for my summer wardrobe. 

The "pin" that helped me make the final alteration decisions was this lovely Anthropology shirt that was pinned and is now pinned to my Fashion board here:


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