Monday, May 6, 2013

Garden Monday

Summer crop, purchased & planted (mostly)!


Yellow Pear, tomato plant, has been planted in the Country Garden below, along with the Red Zebra & Cherokee Purple, also tomato plants.  I will be planting pole bean seeds soon for the green bean crop, some here in the Country Garden and some in the Hillside Garden. We plan on trying Watermelon & Pumpkin this year also, so we shall see. Another Yellow Pear, a Red Cherry, a Green Zebra, along with Green Onions, Basil, Boxwood Basil, Chives, & Sweet Banana Peppers.  We will plant some Gourds & Sunflowers also.  Photos to come as they are planted and start growing.


My Easter Lilies have finally decided to grace us with some blooms.  I do believe they are a little late this year, what do you think?  Never the less, they will be beautiful and I can't wait for them to bloom so I can photograph them for you.


This is from a week ago. These lovelies (4) are almost ready to fly from the nest.  This is from the preserve behind our house and the nest near the house has 3 babies.  This morning I checked on them and they are out of the nest & mom has laid another egg.  I love spring and all the wonderful things growing.


God gave us some rain today to water the new plants and all of our existing ones too.  Thank you Lord for the rain!


This lovely flower is so small and the plant it is on was hanging in the front of the house until winter.  The frost did a number on it's leaves and I've moved it to the back so when the heat of summer hits us, it is in more constant shade and can recover.  It was able to hang in there with four branches left over after the frost and it even gave us this little beauty of a bloom.


The roses in front of the house are in full bloom.  They have enjoyed the rain as well and I have enjoyed its blooms.

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