Saturday, May 11, 2013


Gifted Fabric PJ Pants

 A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine gifted me some fabric.  Most of it was youth prints for possibly making quilts and things, which is one of the things I love to do most.  One of the fabrics however screamed, "Wear ME!".  So that is what I am doing.  My PJ pants collection has been getting quite a bit of use from this past winter season and is running a little bit ragged.  So my first thought was to replicate my favorite, most comfortable pair.  I've also seen pins for making them and have always wanted to make my own.

This is the pin:

Pinterest Pinned PJ Pants Tutorial.  The legs are a little long and it isn't flannel, but that is all changeable and maybe at some time I'll find a cute cotton fabric for sleepwear that I'll have to make these from.  Someday.

This is the handmade result:

 The cuffs at the bottom came out so well and I only had to rip a seam once on my first pant leg and it was only necessary because I started getting ahead of myself.  The next time I will make the waist sit a little higher.  The leg length came out just right and that is something I've struggled with, arm & leg length.  So yay me!  Anyhow, the crotch needs a slight alteration the next time I make it too; butt area a little bigger & front a little shorter to prevent the pucker.  But I love the fabric!!!!  Thank you Sarah!  Oh and if anyone likes them and wants a pair, I'll make them for a small fee, fabric cost plus $10.00.  Message me on Facebook if you'd like to commission a pair.

The best part about these pants, besides the wonderful fabric?  The Firetail Design label!  I still need to get a stamp for the name, but the dragonfly logo is perfect.  I made the tags myself midyear last year and I'm getting good at remembering to install them into things I make.

I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!  Until next time, happy "Pin"ning.

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