Monday, February 25, 2013

Garden Monday

& Flash Pic Friday

Our normal Garden Monday and the belated Flash Pic Friday are all wrapped into one.  Hubby & I took some time off this weekend and spent a lot of time in our yard and hiking together.  I've acquired quite a few photos to share over the past few days and didn't want to miss sharing them with you.  The pictures are mostly from the adventures we've been having with our dog.  We took her hiking a few times this weekend.

Our new dog Gypsy was quite a ball of energy bounding through bushes and running bunny trails.  We'll have to teach her to be a bit more sneaky and also mindful of where we are. She is so busy and fast that she's out of range without realizing we are near her anymore.  Despite the training she'll need, I am quite excited that she will make a good prey hunter.  We can definitely see the hound in her as she runs, nose to the ground, through tunnels in the brush to find what she's smelling.

The view at the top of the hill was a calming rest stop for our over active hound.  However, it didn't last very long before she was off, chasing yet another critter trail.

The rain brought with it a delicate covering of drops on all of our spring flowers.  These tiny little plants were more a ground covering than anything and would have been hard to spot if not glistening in the sun from the rain drops.

Small yellow polka dots covered the ground on the south slope of the hill behind our house.  The polka dots dappled across the slope were these tiny four petaled flowers.      

Ferns growing in dark places, vines of delicate white flowers twining through the underbrush, polka dots of yellow and purple, bounding dog and flushed out quail made up the better part of two hikes.  There is such beauty in our natural landscape and it is always so breathtaking.  I hope you will join us on our next adventure and thank you for joining us on this one.  One way to make it easier to keep track of what is happening here at Firetail Design is to follow this page through the link on the right side of the page for google+.  Please share this with your friends so they too can enjoy the adventures, craft tutorials, recipes, projects, photos and more.  Thank you, <3 K10

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