Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Purely Pinspirational!

Apple Butter

This week I have been stuck at home.  I have a new dog as I'm sure you all know by now.  She likes to chew things.  When I'm around she chews on legal toys, but when I'm out of the house, even in the yard for more than a few minutes, she panics and finds socks, shoes, whatever she can find, and chews & chews.  So I have been trying to get things done and keep myself sane with the being stuck bit of it.  I will be crate training her soon, but I have to wait until pay day for that.  So in the mean time I've been trying new recipes and cleaning nooks and crannies that I didn't even know exist. 

The recipe I tried yesterday was this one found at this link on my Pinterest board, Crock Pot:

The link will take you to the blog: Changing My Destiny.  Which is a great blog for recipes and much more.  Please take the time to check her blog out after you are done making your version of this great Apple Butter Recipe.

This recipe for apple butter is made in the crock pot.  My crock pot is new to me and I've been very focused on recipes that I can make in it.  Hubby's favorite apples are Granny Smith, so I used those.  It is a little tart from the apple butter I enjoyed as a kid, which I'm sure was store bought.  When you make things yourself they taste so heavenly.  The outcome of this 15 hour crock pot recipe is surely that; heavenly.  Enjoy!

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