Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Purely Pinspirational!


We are planning to get a dog, maybe two, soon.  In preparation for the newest addition to our family, I decided to check out pinterest for inspiration on what I'd like the dog's house to look like.  So this is what I found.

Then I drew out what I wanted to create so that I'd have a visual aid while working on building the dog house.

After drawing out my ideas I went in hunt of materials.  We recently took a patio apart that a friend for my mother in law's place.  She can't have it in the front of her house anymore, so we took it down.  We kept the wood as most of it was in great condition.  So I decided to use that, some paving blocks we already have, and some plywood.  I had to get plywood, brackets and screws from the hardware store, but it didn't cost too much money. 

I started with the foundation of paving blocks and a square frame for the bottom. 

Then I started to assemble the walls, cutting my boards to fit the sizes of the walls and screwing them into place.
 This is the finished product and ready for some sweet doggy dreams.  It is different than my ideas drawing.  The roof isn't slanted and I don't have the built in dog bowl shelf.  I decided to make the roof flat and the way my base went together didn't allow for a solid floor to extend out for the bowl shelf.  But I do like how the floor came together with my changes and the finished product looks great.

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