Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Purely Pinspirational!

Pin Boards

My newest board on pinterest is my "Craft Show Display" board.  I have been mulling over the idea of showcasing my wares for a few years now.  The problem is my hubby and I make enough money doing our own thing that it isn't too wise to divert my attentions to make a few dollars here and there.  But I do want to share my wares with the world of folks who enjoy things being handmade.

So I was yet again contemplating storing up handmade goods in preparation to find a venue and put together a booth for an event.  While thinking about it, I came up with some thoughts that I hadn't thought of before.  Maybe I could do some selling on Etsy.  Maybe I could go into business with my Mom who is also very craft oriented.  Both of these ideas would make selling be as easy as sitting in front of my computer, which is what I do most of the day anyway.  Perfect!

So I went looking and searching for cute ideas for displaying and photographing things I've/we've made.  I've put them into the Craft Show Display board for safe keeping and quick reference.  Here are a few ideas that I found for your viewing pleasure.  A small glimpse into my mind and thoughts on these ideas. 

As for what will actually come about, that is in the hands of God.  We shall see and I will most definitely share when the time comes. 

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